Project Description

FINCON CONSULTING ITALIA, a design and consulting office specialized in steel and composite structures, is the team leader of the LASTEICON project. The company takes its power from the wide experience of its founders in the field of civil and structural engineering research, development and design. Merging strong academic and research skills with practical experience Fincon engineers provide cost-effective and innovative solutions by means of advanced analysis tools for complex problems. Prof. Castiglioni, full professor at Politecnico di Milano, Technical Director of FINCON, participated as coordinator/partner in several RFCS projects (SEISRACKS1, SEISRACKS2, FUSEIS, INERD, STEELQUAKE, MEAKADO, ADBLAST, PROINDUSTRY). He presently is the coordinator of the WG “Steel and Composite Structures” within the drafting panel of the Italian Building Code, and has a long academic experience in both numerical and experimental research. Alper Kanyilmaz, research fellow in Politecnico di Milano and consultant of Fincon, is experienced in full scale experimentation and advanced numerical analysis in the fields of steel and composite structures, seismic isolation, dissipative devices, industrial silos, and racking systems. Since 2010, he has been involved in 7 international research projects (EU-RFCS) and has published 40+ articles in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences.