Experimental studies

WP2 Leader: RWTH Aachen University

Static and cyclic behaviour of the joints designed in WP1 will be investigated experimentally. First, 2-way and 4-way steel joints between CHS steel columns and I beams will be tested (Task 2.1 and 2.2). Then, the most efficient joint detailing will be chosen from these tasks, and these joints will be tested again with the concrete filled column and composite slab elements (representing the most realistic case for building construction). Cyclic characterization of any possibility (pinned, partial, full strength) will be made. Truss girders will be tested to prove the extendibility of the LASTEICON concept. Detailed assessment of the time and budget spent during the fabrication of laser-cut steel connections will be also made in terms of welding quantity and time, cutting and assembly time and man-hour budget, cleaning process for welding, electrical energy spent for cutting and assembly. Later this information will be used in WP5 in life cycle cost and environmental effect analysis.