Project Description

INSA Rennes have a long tradition of research in steel and composite structures with strong involvement in standardization at both National and European Level (EC4 and EC8 with National Annexes). Most of their research projects involve a combination of experimental, theoretical and computational work. The group is taking part to several national and European research projects on steel and composite structures including SMARTCOCO, ROBUSTIMPACT, BASIS and STEEL- EARTH. The laboratory has a large (150 m2) loading platform (strong floor) complemented by a modular frame system which can be built to accommodate specimens and structural models with a wide range of shapes and sizes including full scale specimens. Two servo-controlled hydraulic actuators, with a maximum displacement of 400 mm, are used to applied loads up to 3000 kN. Prof. Mohammed HJIAJ is head of the Structural Engineering Research Group, where he conducts experimental and computational research on steel and composite steel-concrete structures, including seismic behaviour and robustness. He serves on two technical committees, including TC11 and TC13, of the ECCS and is on the editorial board of the French journal Construction Métallique and Associate Editor of ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering. He is the
author of more than 50 journal papers.